process of water purification

    1st Stage (Pre filter):

         PP 5 Micron, for removing dust, Dirt, and all sediments from water.

    2nd Stage:

         Granular Activated Carbon for absorbing Chlorine, chemicals, color and odor etc.

    3rd Stage:

         For Complete absorption of Chlorine, Organic chemicals, color and Odor etc.

    4th Stage:

         TFC membrane (Film tech, USA) with pores of 0.0001 Micron which removes heavy metals, Salts, Virus and bacteria.

    5th Stage:

         Post carbon filter to gives more taste to the water and enhances anti bacterial function by silver impregnated carbon.

    6th Stage:

         Special Ceramic Filter For PH Control, gives mineral supply and makes great taste of water.

    7th Stage:

         Ultra Violet Sterilizer (UV) It will removes all type of Bacteria & Virus